Greensburg State Bank

Progress Pictures

          Greensburg State Bank was heavily damaged in the tornado that hit our town May 4, 2007.
The front of the bank looked pretty good,
but there was no roof at all and the back 1/2 of the building was totally destroyed.
All downtown buildings were destroyed, only one will be reuilt from the pre-tornado remains.
Greensburg State Bank Front after Storm                    Back side of Greensburg State Bank

And, in case you have forgotten what it looked like before . . .Greensburg State Bank
It took a while for us to get started with construction.
Tom told me "It is like getting a big freight train ready to roll."
On Valentine's day 2008 we tore the old building down
and it was very good to finally be ready to clean off the old slab
and get ready for new energy efficient, extremely strong construction.
Better in every way, we built back on the exact same footprint,
and used the same design, just "tweeking" it a little.
Taking the Old Girl Down
We put enough reinforcement in the one story building for a five story building,
and used many new products in construction,
proven to be very efficient and better for the environment.
Building the New Walls

We were very involved with the construction, it was fun to be just a few feet from the project.
Watching the Progress

It's not BRINKS, but it works in a pinch!
Brinks in a Wheel-barrow
Tom interviewing with Discovery on a cold winter day.
Discovery Filming an Interview
Tom designed these light fixture boxes to better disburse the light in the lobby area. They work beautifully.
Building the New Walls
The larger windows let in more light and we really like the new brick design. The roof line in more interesting also.
Bricking the front of Greensburg State Bank

Revised 8-23-2008